Meet the Mutant

I like to tell people “It all started when, at the tender age of eight, I mistakenly named my dog the Russian equivalent of ‘Copulate’.” Though that doesn’t make much sense in this context so  I’ll start again.
Hi, my name’s Robyn. I’m a 20-year-old English mutant trying to make something of herself in the big, bad world. It’s all a bit skew-wiff around these parts at the moment as I’m trying to deal with mental and physical illness and a chronic addiction to the Sims. Please excuse the mess, I promise I’ll get round to cleaning up as soon as I have stopped living my life vicariously through computer simulated folk.
I began blogging as a means of clearing my head of all the “big thoughts” that stream through my mind as I make my pitiful attempts at sleeping. Thoughts about society, mental illness and what the world would be like if humans laid eggs.
I am  likely to post over-dramatic whines, write odes to my dog and quote the peculiar things that my dad says all with an accompanying crappy doodle. I do try to refrain from talking about my Sims 3 vice as that would be too sad, even for me.
Where to Start:
My first post is probably the best bet. You could also check out my old blog for some more background information on  how I came to be where I am today. It's a bit shit though. You should probably also read this and this so you're clued-up on who the fuck Cuthbert, Horace and Reginald are (hint: they're kinda like my imaginary friends but very real and very mean).

Find  Me Here:
Non-Mutant Drawings

This Is My Face:
When this picture was taken I had somehow managed to tame Horace and Reginald. I think they may be camera shy.

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