Wednesday, 4 January 2012

My Hair Has a Mind of Its Own

This happened yesterday. Fact. Horace and Reginald teamed up to become one huge spike of hair sticking up from the top of my head. I had to get creative with a scarf to try and cover it up, which worked until I left the house, got drunk and had the scarf blown off my head by a mighty wind. By this point Horace and Reginald had been pushed forward by the scarf, flattened on my head and showing off my thinning crown to the world behind me. Fortunately (I think) by now I had consumed so much alcohol that I really didn't care and went about my business as usual. Usual in a "Hey I'm inebriated so I'm going to try and swing dance to terrible pop music" kinda way. Or perhaps a "Yeah you're trying to make the moves on me in bed but instead I'm going to blurt out 'I feel like a rectangle' and go to sleep" kinda way. However you look at it, I was pissed as a fart and hadn't a care in the world. Screw you, hair spikes, you won't get the best of me.

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