Monday, 2 January 2012

Magical Carrots

One of my mutant specialities is delightful roast carrots and parsnips. After a couple of people expressed interest in the recipe I have decided to share it with the world here on my blog. It's sublimely simple, anybody can cook them (though maybe not so well as MG herself).

MG's Magical Carrots
You will need:
Some carrots/parsnips
A nice sharp knife.
Somebody to cut and peel the carrots if you - like me - cannot be trusted with a nice sharp knife.
Vegetable oil.
Toasted sesame oil.
Ground cumin.

How to do it like MG:
1. Preheat your oven to around 200 or whatever the equivalent, making sure to remember I am British.

2. When your oven is nicely heated, whack in a baking tray/roasting dish full of oil. I normally pour the vegetable oil until the tray is mostly full then fill in the gaps with the toasted sesame. It all depends on taste. Try not to make your oil puddle too deep though, unless you want your carrots/parsnips to come out all soggy.

3. You (or your selected knife-wielder) shall peel the carrots/parsnips then chop them in half. If you are cooking the carrots for me then:
a) I love you.
b) Make sure they're nice and thin so they go deliciously crispy.
It really depends on your preference, but I'm a sucker for the crunch. If you are also of the crunchy persuasion, make them about a centimetre thick.

3. Add the carrots/parsnips to the hot oil and drizzle a little more toasted sesame over the top for good measure.

4. Sprinkle ground cumin over your root vegetable of choice, turn them over and then sprinkle some more. Keep sprinkling more and more and more and more until you have the desired level of seasoning. I like them quite coated in the stuff.

5. Shove it all into the oven for half an hour, turning half way through.

6. After half an hour, remove the tray from the oven and cover the orange and white sticks in delicious honey on both sides then stick 'em back in the oven for another ten minutes or until they have crisped up nicely.

7. Remove and Voila! MG's Magical Carrots!

These carrots really are quite delicious and they are the perfect accompaniment to a nice honey roast ham. You can adapt this recipe for use with sweet potatoes and regular, boring potatoes.

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