Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A Very Mutant New Year

I don't do resolutions in a conventional way, I haven't done since I was a little kid and I decided I wanted to be a good daughter and keep my room clean. Instead I set myself a general aim for the next twelve months. I give the year a name, for example 2011 was 'The Year of New Beginnings'. I wanted everything in my life to start fresh. The little system worked well, I shed my skin and started down a new path. I uprooted myself from my home of 7 years in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and relocated to the city I was born in to live with my dad. I got it into my head that I would get the medical help I needed and I did; I am now undergoing physiotherapy and I've gotten myself into the mental health system. I decided who I wanted to be and I began taking the first steps to becoming that person. I cast off all adopted persona's, threw away my desperate need to be accepted and emerged all the better for it.

2012 is 'The Year of Settling Down'. All those new beginnings last year? It's time to get comfortable with them,  become truly happy with who I am and the life I have chosen to lead. I was reading through last years diary and I found this self-portrait:
"I love who I am, but hate who I am not." - By the end of this year I want to be able to say "I love myself entirely." I want to accept myself for who I am and love myself regardless of who, or what, I cannot be.

My system has worked well for me in years past because by the time the next new year rolls around, rather than looking at things I had resolved to do and failed at, I can look back and see how much progress I have made toward achieving my goal and feel the year was a success.

To anyone out there reading this, I wish you the best of luck in the coming year and hope that 2012 is all you desire it to be. Happy New Year!

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