Thursday, 12 January 2012

Mutant Shoes for Mutant Feet

People often say that shoes that fit are shoes that should be worn. I agree with this sentiment apart from on the odd occasion when the shoes are ugly and I would not wish to wear them, such is the case with Crocs. Just because the Crocs happen to be my shoe size does not mean that I will wear them, I would rather walk barefoot or wear a large pair of man's shoes than wear Crocs. That is down to personal taste though, not to mention I am rather getting off the subject here. The thing I am meaning to say is this; the shoes I have found to wear not only happen to be my size but I also find them aesthetically appealing and delightfully comfortable.  And by this, of course, I am meaning this blog and being Little Mutant Girl.

Mutant Girl is a persona I adapt well to, it fits me like a glove. A glove that fits me properly though, because I often have trouble finding gloves that fit due to my peculiarly small thumbs. It's annoying having a little bit of fabric that just flaps around at the end of your thumb, catching on things and getting trapped in places it has no right getting trapped in. So being Mutant Girl fits me like a pair of those Magic Gloves. You know, the ones that look really tiny but stretch to fit nearly any hand? Sometimes they have cool little jellyish stars on like slipper socks. What is that material exactly? If I could I would apply it to the soles of all my shoes to stop me slipping. I have a terrible habit of slipping.

Anyway. Back on track. By starting this here little blog I have found me and who I am and what I write about and why I write about it. I have also found that drawing a crappy little doodle helps me along the way. I have found that I prefer being slightly odd and silly to being very odd and serious. I have found that other people seem to prefer this too as I have had 150 page views in a week which is good going by my standards. I have found that I like to mock myself and my freakishly long neck and my monkey feet and everything that comes in between. I have found that I take pleasure in amusing people, although that has not been my aim. I never thought it possible. Thank you for (pretending to) laugh.

In summary: I have found THE jeans, such as the pair that Liz Lemon finds in that one episode of 30 Rock that make her ass look all BADONGBADONG. Except they are not jeans they are a blog and I still really want a pair of those jeans. This blog is that dress, the one that highlights all your curves but hides the rolls, except it doesn't rip at the seams because your ass is too huge.

This post was brought to you by Insomnia and the letter Tea.

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